My story with REACH 2.0 began 1.5 years before registering the company. It began with Hiba!

Hiba is a 12 year old cancer survivor who lost both of her eyes to the disease. Her dad was calling IT companies in Jordan to donate a laptop for his daughter where he wanted to install an educational software by Sakhr that will help Hiba with her studies. At that time, I was still working with Offtech and Hiba’s dad called the office later in the evening after all the staff left. It happened that my colleague answered the phone and I over heard the conversation. I told him, listen, let me talk to him!

5 years ago I had a blog called Under My Olive Tree which is today a registered NGO. I posted about Hiba’s case in the blog and posted about donating a laptop on Twitter in the morning. And by 8 P.M I received $800 in donations to buy the laptop!

I have to admit that the whole thing still gives me the goose bumps today but it also showed me how important social media is in our world and how we can use it for the good and of course to promote our businesses. It was a turning point for me as I discovered I love two things:

community service and social media!

I thought to my self, it’s time to follow my passion and become self employed.

That was the beginning

** Hiba got accepted to university this fall