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On Wednesday Twitter rolled two new features, the group chat and uploading videos.


The group chat is a very exciting feature that enable users to add people you follow to a group. This group is accessable via the direct message (private message).

Features include:

1. Name the group
Name of the group can be up to 20 characters


2. Group members
It’s not clear how many members you can add to the group but you can give it a try

3. Admins
There are no admins or owner to the group

4. Notifications
Turning on the notification feature will enable members to receive updates

The group chat can be useful if members of a firm would like to share content or create a group for friends and family members.

1. Lack of audio and video messages
2. Groups can not have a profile image

The question now is wither Twitter’s new feature will compete with Whatsapp and can one day replace it?

Probably not, simply because not everyone is on Twitter or familiar with it.

Stay tuned for more features to be rolled by Twitter.

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