My beloved Jordan is an amazing place to visit, has a moderate climate all year round. People are friendly and you can enjoy its desert and green mountains all in one day.

But if you would like to enjoy the weekend at the new downtown in Amman then that’s a different story, especially if you are a male!

This evening, I wanted to go out and enjoy the cool summer breeze with one of my friends who happens to be the G.M of an important Trade company (age and social status not relevant here)

So we drove to the new downtown to what is called The Boulevard. Upon entering the parking lot, the security guy stopped us and told me, sorry it’s only for couples and families! I answered him back, who told you? He said Abu Nader. I told him where is Abu Nader? He said I can’t find him.

So I moved my car and drove around the block and parked in the Main Street and walked into the downtown. We walked to find a restaurant to have dinner. On the way, my friend saw a friend of his having dinner so he approached him to greet him but then one security guard asked him, where are you going? My friend replied to say hello. The guard said, sorry but I have to body check you (this is an outdoor restaurant)!

After that we didn’t find a place to dine, so we decided to leave this non very touristic attraction and go somewhere else.

On our way out, another security guy stops us and says: are you  leaving guys? I said, why are you asking? He said, because no guys allowed here. I told him, we are going to have dinner. He replied, where?

Then I decided I’m writing this blog and boycotting them.

For a country like Jordan bordering ISIS, war in Syria and Israel, we only have tourism and foreign investment to save us. I urge the private and public sector to put more serious measures to make sure every Jordanian and visitor have a pleasant experience especially in these days.

My message to Abdali Boulevard, you might claim to #LoveJo but that seems only on social media!