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This is the latest update I received the next day. Someone from communications at The Boulevard called me on my cell phone to apologize. She fully explained their point of you that I respect, but un fortunately no solution was provided from their side.

Their point of view that we in West Amman live in our own sphere & we are not aware of the community in East Amman. So on weekends all the (7afartal) or the not exposed people in the country, who are mostly teenagers & youth flood the place.

To me, that is even worse, to discriminate people on where they live in the city. You guys should judge people on their actions and not looks. What is more disturbing that youth under the age of 30 represents 60% of the population. So The Boulevard is not doing a favor for their tenants.

I told the lady on the phone, so if I come with a prostitute to The Boulevard, the security guards will let me in. She said, un fortunately most probably.

I suggested an entry fee on weekends or have more security guards to stop any harassments that might occur but they replied that this was not an option.

They said they are replacing the current security company with a more qualified one. And if I want to visit I can call them to let me in (favoritism)

So finally I asked:

If I want to come tonight to buy ice cream what is the process?

Answer: nothing, you have to call me to let you in.

Conclusion: I’m not going back there again, why bother? On the contrary, you are all free to visit and enjoy but make sure you bring a female with you.