How to get verified on Instagram?

Today, social media users are obsessed with getting verified. But if you are not a celebrity or a public figure you can still apply for verification on Instagram. Below is what has been published on their website.  Note: if you are not a business and your Instagram account is a business profile, I recommend switchingContinue reading “How to get verified on Instagram?”

Check out this analytical tool

One of the latest tools that I have been using lately is Iconsquare. It offers full analysis of Instagram accounts. Iconsquare analyzes your community, learn how reachable your community is. The fewer accounts your followers follow, the more reachable they are. The higher your reachability score, the more easily you are able to reach your followers.Continue reading “Check out this analytical tool”

Tools to help you detect fake Instagram followers

With the rise of Bots and Telegram groups to buy likes and comments on Instagram, there are tools out there to help you to detect if an Instagram account has fake followers. But how can you detect if an account is using bots? Take a look at the account’s comments on other people’s posts. IfContinue reading “Tools to help you detect fake Instagram followers”