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One of the latest tools that I have been using lately is Iconsquare. It offers full analysis of Instagram accounts. Iconsquare analyzes your community, learn how reachable your community is. The fewer accounts your followers follow, the more reachable they are. The higher your reachability score, the more easily you are able to reach your followers. This score is out of 100. Followers having a private account are not taken into account.

Understand the content you should post and what brings more engagement. When you should post to receive the most engagement and know when your followers are online.

Discover when your posts trigger the most engagement. The bigger the circle, the better the engagement is. The starred circles are your best times to post. The black circles represent your posting habits: the bigger the black circles are, the more you post. You can then easily compare your best time to post with your actual posting hours. This data is updated approximately every hour.

See when your followers are online.

Monitor and analyse your competitor or even a hashtag. 

Other features include, creating reports within seconds, analyzing Instagram stories, tracking comments and scheduling posts.

The tool has the same features for Facebook pages.

Iconsquare is perhaps one of the best tools out there. Give it a try today, there is a 14 days free trial.

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