My story with entrepreneurship began with Hiba

My story with REACH 2.0 began 1.5 years before registering the company. It began with Hiba! Hiba is a 12 year old cancer survivor who lost both of her eyes to the disease. Her dad was calling IT companies in Jordan to donate a laptop for his daughter where he wanted to install an educational softwareContinue reading “My story with entrepreneurship began with Hiba”

New York Times: Facebook reportedly working on anonymous mobile app

By Roberto Baldwin – Facebook recently came under fire for its real name policy and how it enforces that policy. Now it looks like the company is exploring another way to interact on its billion-strong social network. The New York Times is reporting that Facebook is working on a mobile app that would allow usersContinue reading “New York Times: Facebook reportedly working on anonymous mobile app”

الاشاعات وباء يهدد أمن واستقرار الوطن والمواطن

 مشاركة لي في جريدة الرأي الأردنية وجريدة العرب اليوم عن ظاهرة انتشار الإشاعات في مواقع التواصل الإجتماعي المدون والخبير في مواقع التواصل الإجتماعي علي دهمش أكد أن الاشاعات توجد جواً سلبياً عاماً عند الناس وتغير من نمطهم الاجتماعي، خاصةً أن معظمها سيء وخطير أحياناً  واشار إلى أن بإمكان شبابنا بدلا من الالتفات الى الاشاعات وتضييع اوقاتContinue reading “الاشاعات وباء يهدد أمن واستقرار الوطن والمواطن”

Making things simple with Twitter

At first those 140 characters might seem confusing but it’s actually simpler than we think. The average person enters into 3 phases with Twitter: 1. Exploration phase: where you are only observing what other people are posting on Twitter 2. Love and hate phase: where you start posting some content and receive little engagement, mightContinue reading “Making things simple with Twitter”