The moment when you realize our life revolves around Facebook

On January 27th, Facebook and Instargram were down for a few hours. Many people started to panic, no one want to loose their pictures from Instagram, who are we kidding? So I posted this Tweet just right when Facebook was down and luckily CNN featured it on their website. The beauty of Twitter is gettingContinue reading “The moment when you realize our life revolves around Facebook”

Hootsuite University

Hootsuite University is part of Hootsuite online courses that includes a variety of lectures related to social media trends, best practices, and the latest in the industry. The lectures are video based and are easy to understand.  Many of the videos are in Spanish in addition to the English language. The lectures are also industryContinue reading “Hootsuite University”

Facebook Edge rank is dead!

EDGE RANK is the name commonly given to the ALGORITHM that Facebook uses to determine what should be displayed in a user’s NEWS FEED. As of 2011. Facebook has stopped using the EDGE RANK term INTERNALLY to refer to its NEWS FEED RANKING ALGORITHM. EDGE RANK used to be straight forward with 3 main components andContinue reading “Facebook Edge rank is dead!”

What is the ideal length of online content?

You might have noticed lately that some posts on Facebook might get more engagement than others in the same page. The same goes with Twitter and LinkedIN. After studying the behavior of Fans and Followers on social media using sources like Social Bakers, Quintly and BufferApp, the following are the ideal length to post onContinue reading “What is the ideal length of online content?”

Top 7 things to do to increase your Twitter Followers base

If you are new to Twitter or have been using the micro blog site for a while, getting new followers is probably one of your priorities. The following are my top 7 things to do to increase your followers base for your personal account 1. Have a clear personal profile and back ground image. TweepsContinue reading “Top 7 things to do to increase your Twitter Followers base”

Making things simple with Twitter

At first those 140 characters might seem confusing but it’s actually simpler than we think. The average person enters into 3 phases with Twitter: 1. Exploration phase: where you are only observing what other people are posting on Twitter 2. Love and hate phase: where you start posting some content and receive little engagement, mightContinue reading “Making things simple with Twitter”